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Rami Rashid - ECE PhD Student of the Month - April 2023

Rami Rashid, who earned his master's from ECE in 2020 and received the 2020 ECE Top Performers Fellowship is now a Ph.D. candidate in ECE and working under the advisement of Professor Abdi .. (read more)

ECE's Assistant Professor Marcos Netto co-author a 2022 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Outstanding Paper

A paper on 'Power System Dynamic State Estimation' co-authored by ECE's Assistant Professor Marcos Netto was selected as one of the 2022 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Outstanding Papers. (read more)

Survey conducted by Dr. Cong Wang and CS Student Matthew Nicol Leads to Surprising Opposition to Remote Work in Labor Jobs

People with hands-on labor jobs may prefer to go to work even if their tasks could be done remotely through robotics, according to a survey of 218 students at NJIT.  The survey was conducted by computer science major Matthew Nicol, whose research is part of a NSF grant by Dr. Cong Wang, Associate Professor of ECE. (read more)

Dr. Qing Gary Liu Receives U.S. Dept. of Energy Grant

Dr. Qing Gary Liu received a two year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for " Understanding and Enhancing Scientific Data Reduction for Extreme-scale Computing 2."

Dr. Shaahin Angizi: Artificial Intelligence Pushes Internet Device CPUs Outside the Box

The energy usage of 75 billion Internet-connected devices could be reduced 1,000-fold if those devices could do more thinking for themselves rather than constantly asking cloud servers for help, computer engineering Assistant Professor Shaahin Angizi believes. (read more)

ECE PhD Student of the Month:

Rami Rashid - April 2023
Ranyang Zhou - March 2023
Anushreya Ghosh - February 2023
Yusuf Ozkan - January 2023
Cem Benar - December 2022
Milad Shojaee - November 2022
Shuai Zhang - October 2022
Xueyu Hou - September 2022
Akhyuma Swain - August 2022
Yang Deng - July 2022
Guanxiong Liu - June 2022
Sarah Obead - May 2022


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