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Leonid Tsybeskov

Contact Info

Title: Professor and Chair
Office: 207 ECEC
Phone: 973-596-6594
Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering


About Me

Supported by federal funding agencies and industry, Dr. Tsybeskov’s research is focused on group IV (Si, SiGe, Ge, SiCGe, etc.) semiconductor nanostructures and nano-devices. He has introduced nanocrystalline Si/amorthous SiO2 superlattices and has been credited for the first observation of self-organization, phonon dispersion folding and resonant carrier tunneling in these nanostructures.

Recently, his group has reported the first observation of controlled hetero-interface abruptness in Si/SiGe nano-hetero-interfaces and demonstrated the shortest reported radiative carrier lifetime and high-efficiency light-emission in the 1300-1600 nm wavelength region. He collaborates with the internationally recognized research institutions in United States (Intel Corporate Research, Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories, Corning, LANL, UVA), Canada (NRC), Germany (TUM and MPI Halle), France (IEMN), Japan (UofT) and Russia (MSLU).

He is an author and co-author of more than 150 publications (including two Nature papers), four US patents, several books and book chapters, and a dozen review articles.


  • Odessa University, B.S., 1978.
  • Odessa University, M.S., 1978.
  • Odessa University, Ph.D., 1999.


Research Interests and Contributions to the Field

Professor Tsybeskov’s research is focused on materials science of group IV semiconductor nanostructures, nanoelectronics and quantum devices. Results of his recent research were published and discussed in Nature (1996, 384, p. 6607 and 200, 407, p. 358), Laser Tech Briefs, Chemical Engineering Progress, Opto-Laser Europe, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Business Week. The image of his nc- Si light-emitting device was chosen for the cover page of the January 1997 issue of Physics Today and April 1998 issue of MRS Bulletin. He is the author and co-author of more than 100 technical papers including dozens of invited papers, one US patent and several books and book chapters. He has served as a Guest Editor for many journals and as a co-organizer of many tutorials and technical symposia at APS and MRS Meetings. His graduate students have received many awards for their research conducted under Prof. Tsybeskov´s supervision.

Current Research Projects

  • Novel Memory Devices Based on Silicon Nanocrystals
  • Three-Dimensional Silicon/Silicon-Germanium Nanostructures for Integrated Light Emitters and Optical Interconnects
  • Growth and Characterizations of Three-Dimensional Silicon-Germanium Nanostructures
  • MRI: Low-temperature Scanning Probes for Spectroscopic Measurements with a Nanometer Spatial Resolution


Book and Book Chapters

  • D. J. Lockwood and L. Tsybeskov, Self-organized growth of silicon nanocrystals in nanocrystalline Si/SiO2 superlattices, in Advances in Crystal Growth Research, editors K. Sato, Y. Furukawa and K. Nakajima, Elsevier, Tokyo, 2001, p. 252-265.
  • A. Efros, D. J. Lockwood, and L. Tsybeskov, Semiconductor Nanocrystals: From Basic Principles to Applications, Kluwer/Plenum,New York 2003, ISBN 0-306-47751-3.
  • V. I. Klimov, J. M. Buriak, D. D. M. Wayner, F. Priolo, B. White and Leonid Tsybeskov, Quantum Confined Semiconductor Nanostructures, 2003, MRS Symposium Proceedings 737,Warendale, PA, pp. 834. 
  • David J. Lockwood and Leonid Tsybeskov, Nanocrystalline Silicon Superlattices, Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Edited by H. S. Nalwa, Volume 6, pp. 477-494, American Scientific Publishers, 2004, ISBN: 1-58883-062-4.
  • Leonid Tsybeskov, David J. Lockwood, Chrisptophe Delerue, Masakazu Ichikawa Group-IV Semiconductor Nanostructures, 2005, MRS Symposium Proceedings 832,Warendale, PA, pp. 408.

Conference Presentations

  • Optical Recording in Glasses, Uzchgorod, Ukraine, October 1983 
  • Semiconductor Thin Films-84, Odessa, Ukraine, September 1984 
  • Winter Seminar at Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Leningrad, USSR, December 1985 
  • Silicon-Based Amorphous Semiconductors and Insulators, Odessa, Ukraine, April 1987