ECE Senior Design Project

The Senior Design Project is your opportunity to turn the knowledge and skills you acquired in your studies into a great and rewarding experience that may jumpstart your engineering career.  The project will enhance your design skills, as well as your communication skills (written and oral).  It will give you experience in teamwork and project management.  All are of interest to industry and your potential employers.  After completing the project you will have a chance to present it to a panel of judges from industry and compete for an award at the Senior Design Project Workshop.

The Senior Design Project spans two semesters of your senior year: Senior Design Project 1 (ECE 414) and Senior Design Projects 2 (ECE 416 or ECE 417).  See the links below for details.   We strongly advise you to think about your project ahead of time.  Look for project ideas and team partners before you walk into your ECE 414 class where you will be asked for the project title and team in the first weeks of the semester.