Ahmed Mousa

Contact Info

Title: Adjunct Professor
Email: ahmed.mousa@njit.edu
Office: 3rd Floor, ECEC
Hours: Wednesday, 5:00 - 6:00 pm.
Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering

About Me

Ahmed has over 13 years of field, planning, operations, design, project management, training, DERs, energy efficiency, demand response, load relief, emergency response experience in generation, transmission, substations and distribution systems with industry leaders such as Con Edison, PSE&G, PEPCO, and First Energy.

Ahmed is currently the PSE&G Distribution Manager in the Electric Delivery Planning section, responsible for managing the entire distribution system and the 69 kV transmission system, power system modeling, distribution simulation studies, short/long range substation forecasts, short/long term load relief plans, short circuit studies and customers’ interconnections.  Ahmed is responsible for all the Distributed Energy Resources (DER)s technical evaluations, grid impact and interconnection agreements. Ahmed developed the DER feeder and substation DER limits.

Prior to joining PSE&G, Ahmed was the Con Edison’s substation planning manager responsible for the 5/10/20/30 year sub-transmission, substation and distribution load relief plan. Ahmed was also a district operator at the Con Edison energy control center, where he was responsible for the generation, transmission, sub-transmission and distribution scheduled and emergency work. He was responsible for coordinating the operation of the electric system in accordance with established rules, procedures and specifications in the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County to ensure safety to personnel, reliability of equipment and continuity of service to customers.

Ahmed is a NJ Association of Energy Engineers board member and Founder & CEO of The Electric Bridge Consulting firm, assisting large and small utilities, colleges/universities and consulting firms. http://njaee.org/index.php

Ahmed managed several studies, i.e. electric vehicles/DER, steam to AC conversion, demand response, distributed generation and energy efficiency grid adoption. Ahmed was the project manager for a SCADA Energy Management System and the project manager and project engineer for President Obama’s Department of Energy stimulus grant for Consolidated Edison’s 4 kV system.

Ahmed has over 11 years providing training in: PSS/E, 4 kV system, sub-transmission & substation short/ long term and emergency load relief, DER grid adoption, system operation outage analysis, transformer ratings, voltage studies, basic and advanced power flow, phase angle studies, smart grid, Plant Information (PI) and distribution systems. He analyzed impact of electric vehicle, distributed generation, steam to AC conversion, energy efficiency models and R&D initiatives on the distribution and transmission system.

Ahmed is the author of the “The Electric Power System: Generation, Transmission & Distribution Made Simple” book and “Interviews: The Art of Selling Yourself”. Ahmed is the author of several electrical engineering professional engineering courses.



Ahmed is also a T&D blogger.


Awards include the 2009 3rd Quarter Distribution Engineering ALVA Award for 21st Century Leader, the "Sustain Energy Reliability" Team Award, and the Excellence in Design and Genius Engineer (EDGE) Award Nominee for “Developed Load Calculation Tools for System and Transmission Operations.

Ahmed received his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stony Brook University and later a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College; Ahmed has completed the Siemens PTI Distribution and Transmission courses.