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Lopes, Robert

Contact Info
Title: Adjunct Professor
Office: United States
Phone: 973-596-3511
Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering

About Me


  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, B.S., 1979.
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, M.S., 1983.

Courses I Teach

Not teaching any courses this semester

Courses Taught

Throughout the past 20 years, I have taught the following EE classes:

  • EE352
  • EE393
  • EE684
  • EE688


  • Digital Network Synchronization, AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1996
  • Primary Reference Clock Design, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories, 1998


  • 6169494 - Biotelemetry locator  
  • 6189105 - Proximity detection of valid computer user  
  • 6215862 - Automated time synchronization of peripheral devices using a telephone