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Trusted Access to Information in a Diverse Services Environment A High-Value Mobile Application Enabler

Stan Moyer, Telcordia Technologies

Date: March 2, 2009 (Monday)
Time: 6:00pm (refreshment starts at 5:45pm)
Place: 202 ECEC, NJIT

About the Presenter:

Stan Moyer is Executive Director and strategic research program manager in the Applied Research area of Telcordia Technologies, where he has worked since 1990. Currently, Stan is the product manager for the Telcordia Mobile Messaging and Application Solution, a hosted service for mobile marketing and affinity messaging and mobile web applications. In the past, he has led research and business development activities related to digital content services and home networking. On these and other topics, Stan has been a frequent speaker at events such as the IEEE’s Consumer Communications and Network Conference (CCNC), IETF, The Broadband Home conferences, and other conferences and technical workshops. Prior to that he worked on ATM switch hardware, broadband network architectures and protocols, middleware, Internet network and application security, Internet QoS, and voice over IP.

Stan is currently president of the OSGi™ Alliance. Stan is also a Senior Member of the IEEE and a member of the IEEE Communications Society. He is a member of the board and treasurer for the IEEE Communications Society, vice‐chair of the IEEE CCNC steering committee, and a member of the IEEE Technical Activities Board Finance Committee.

About the Talk:

As the number of mobile phone users continues to increase dramatically, the number of mobile application service providers is also rapidly growing. To be able to offer new and innovative services that have high enduser value, mobile application service providers (MASPs) will need access to sensitive and/or confidential wireless subscriber information (e.g., medical records, financial data, location information, equipment IDs) that owners of the information will be unwilling to provide without a “guarantee” that the end‐user (subscriber) has authorized use or release of the information. Therefore, there is a need for a trusted, neutral, third party that can broker and authorize access to this information. A mechanism that can enable new and innovative applications that provide substantial benefits to end‐users while also protecting the end‐user’s privacy interests would help allay many fears that are arising in both the press and the government. I will present some motivating examples in the form of several mobile phone applications, requirements, and an architecture for a solution to this problem, in form of a system we call TASER — Trusted Access to Sensitive End‐user information Repositories. This system provides mediated access to sensitive or confidential information and allows end‐users to authorize use of that information through a variety of “opt‐in” mechanisms that are currently employed today for various mobile application services and promotions


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