Advisement and Registration Procedures

The Student Advisor and the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies are the advisors to all undergraduate students. The Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies approves ECE transfer credits from other institutions. Registration begins late in the Fall and Spring semesters. All students are required to meet with the Student Advisor before registration to remove the registration hold. To obtain an appointment with the Student Advisor, follow the procedure outlined below:
  1. Make an appointment with the Student Advisor according to the advisement schedule. You can make the appointment by calling Ms. Barbara Faltz (973) 596-3510 or Mrs. Tanita Evans (973) 596-3512.
  2. Before you meet with the Student Advisor, fill out the pre-registration form. Have a tentative list of courses ready to discuss with the Student Advisor.
  3. Meet with the Student Advisor at the scheduled time and have the hold removed.
  4. Register the selected courses online through NJIT self-registration  system.

Please note:

Prerequisites: You must have completed or are in the process of completing all the prerequisites for the courses you plan to enroll. See Student Handbook for the prerequisites of ECE courses. Courses taken without the correct prerequisites may not count towards graduation.

It is your responsibility to make certain that the elective courses you are taking meet the elective requirements.

Graduate courses: As undergraduates, you will not be permitted to take graduate courses without the approval of the ECE Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies. He will have to sign an Undergraduate Approval For Taking Graduate Courses form (available from the Office of the Registrar's website), which you must then take to the Office of the Registrar.

Closed courses: All undergraduate day students are expected to take ECE day sections (when both day and evening sections are offered). Students seeking to get into a closed course must see a student advisor for approval before registering.

Assistance with closed courses will be available most days from 10 am to 6 pm. during the registration period.

All EE and CoE students must take ECE 414 the semester before registering for Senior Project ECE 416 or ECE 417. Students who are registering for ECE 417 must have their project advisor’s signature on a course drop/add form.

All students enrolled in ECE may take the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination in order to be certified as a Professional Engineer.  This exam is offered each regular semester.  For more information, please go to