Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program at NJIT gives the student an opportunity to enhance the academic degree program offered by the department with workplace experience and financial advantages.  The co-op experience is available to students after completion of the sophomore year.  Requirements for admission to the co-op program include good academic standing and a grade point average of at least 2.2.  Admission to the program does not guarantee job placement. Application forms are available from the Career Development Services located in Campbell Hall (

Students who want to use their Co-op Work Experience for the degree credits must have two internships (in two different semesters of summers).  For the first they register in ECE 310 (0 credits), which is the prerequisite to ECE 410 (3 credits) counted as an equivalent to a technical elective.

The faculty advisor for co-op has the following responsibilities in both courses:

  • Assures that the experience, as specified in the contract, is technically rigorous enough for credit before approval
  • Works with the liaison in Career Development Services on administering the co-op
  • Requires interim reports from the student and conducts telephone interviews with the on-site supervisor
  • Grades the final report and the final oral presentation by the student
  • Acquires an evaluation from the on-site supervisor
  • Determines the final grade for the student